Few would try to deny the beauty and durability offered by wooden floors, for a living room, bedroom, even wetter areas like the bathroom. But the cost of real wood can be prohibitive for many. Enter engineered wood. It could change the look and feel of your home forever.

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Hardwood Alternative

It looks like real wood, it feels like real wood, but engineered wood is arguably even better when it comes to flooring. It’s made from several thin layers of wood that are glued together, making them extremely durable but also far more resistant to fluctuations in temperature, so there is no need for planks to acclimatise in the room for days before laying the floor.

The tongue and groove design makes the planks very easy to lay, and because they won’t expand and contract in the same way as natural wood, the risk of buckling is reduced. The construction using a cross layer design is resistant to moisture and humidity, so it can even be laid in bathrooms. The same clever design means you can also lay it over under-floor heating. It really is fantastically versatile.

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Design Statement

The same look as real wood but for a much smaller price make it a real option for many, and designers love it. It makes a real statement by setting the tone for the whole decor. It can adapt to a very contemporary look in a new-build home, and it’s just as at home in a traditional, period style, so versatility is a big plus.

Because it’s manufactured, it’s possible to make it in a huge range of colours and patterns, not to mention length and width of the planks, flexibility that real wood just cannot match. The finish can also be very varied, to allow you to get just the look you want – very natural, right the way through to high gloss.

If you decide that engineered oak flooring is right for your home, you can buy online from specialist retailers like http://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/engineered-flooring.html.

For more information on the pros (and cons, because it won’t be for everyone) of engineered wood flooring, see Home Advisor.

It’s definitely worth investigating if you’re considering redecorating – great-looking floors, that are up to heavy traffic. A higher quality than laminate, but a lower price than solid hardwood.