So you took a long time to examine everything, You went through the whole process, with the help of your broker after checking everything on your list, you finally feel like you found the right one filling all your requirements and decided to buy the property. So the time comes when seller has told the price, it’s now time for you to make an offer or convey to the seller that you’re seriously interested in buying this property

The pricing process mostly when dealing with property is mostly based on bidding, so if another customer outbids you and offers more, he will then have the offer rather than you. So you may end up paying more, equivalent or even less sometimes depending on the market.Want to buy property? Try IMS realty and Property Management

After you select your choice of property then starts the long series of negotiations between the buyer and seller. Sometimes they may agree with your offer, or they might not just learn to walk away from a deal that might be harmful to you in the long run. Anyways, when you settle on a price from both sides then comes the part of signing the contract papers, what real estate agents also like to refer to “under contract?”

Property Purchasing Contract

Just as the name suggests, real estate contracts for a property purchase or residential agreement are bilateral meaning by both parties and individuals (the buyer and seller) the contract is signed. The property contracts use legal consideration, the buyer gives some asset in return for property which is mostly money but sometimes people exchange properties in return of property or even the promise (to pay the amount).

The United States of America has a rule that all the contract papers need to be in written form and signed by individuals from both sides.

Real estate contracts contain these important aspects

  • Legally identify properties
  • Purchase price or asset
  • rights and details
  • fulfilling important conditions
  • Conditions and Policies of property hence stuff which they will include and which they will not.
  • Deal closing date and closing cost
  • Terms and conditions of possession
  • Signs of both individuals


There can be many possibilities. Majority of the people who live in the USA get their properties financed and it is very much understandable since not everyone can afford to buy a 250,000 US Dollar house all at once but they are eligible to pay for it in the long run. Then they can either direct finance the house through the owner or a company or bank.

Advance Deposit

A certain amount of money is taken into consideration when signing the contract; let’s say for a 250,000 US Dollar house the owner charged a 15,000 US Dollar advance and the rest is mostly paid directly through the bank.

Stepping out of the deal

In many cases the buyer or seller wants to step out of the deal, this will obviously waste your time, and the government should give a penalty on that.