There are some great places to live around the UK, but who would have thought one of the best ones would be in Essex? Want to know why we love Leigh-on-Sea? Read our post below!

Back in 2016, the Independent named Leigh-on-Sea one of the happiest places to live in the whole of the UK. 2 years on, not a lot has changed. The people are still as nice and friendly as before. The culture of the seaside town has lasted and, if anything, it’s gotten better. But why are we telling you all this? Well, it’s because Leigh-on-Sea is still one of the nicest places to live in the UK. And we’re going to tell you why you should consider moving here.

If you’re looking to move to Leigh-on-Sea, this is the only article you’ll need to read. You’ll read about the culture of the town, as well as see some houses for sale in Essex, Leigh-on-Sea, that are all ready to buy! We’ll be showing off the area off too, as well as property for sale in Leigh-on-Sea. It’s one of the most sort after areas in the South East of Essex. Find out why below.

Here’s our top 4 reasons you should move to Leigh-on-Sea.

  1. Commuter Paradise

Although Essex gets a bad rep (thanks TOWIE), there are some areas which are ideal to live in because of the convivence. Many city workers choose to move to a location where they can get more for their money (house wise) and still commute into the city for work. The draw for Essex for a lot of people is that it’s so close to the big city. From Leigh-on-Sea, you can be in central London in 45minutes. There are so many trains that go directly from Leigh Station straight to Fenchurch Street. It’s fast and easy access to London for the city worker. Plus, you’ll get more for your money outside of London too.

  1. Seaside Resort

Leigh-on-Sea is right on the coast. Which means it has lots of beautiful beaches for those hot summer weekends. From Leigh to Southend-on-Sea, there’s a mixture of both sand and pebble beaches, to suit everyone. Along the beach there’s plenty of things to see and do. Southend-on-Sea has the worlds’ longest pleasure pier and is only a short journey away from Leigh-on-Sea.

The seaside resort has its only miniature theme park, Adventure Island, which is a great day out for all of the family. There’s tonnes of arcades too, as well as plenty of bars and restaurants too. There’s a casino situated right on the waterfront, which is great to eat, drink and have fun in. In Leigh-on-Sea, is the picturesque Old Leigh, an area which is full of history and beautiful bars and pubs too. If you love the sea side, Leigh-on-Sea is a great place to lay your roots.

  1. The Food

Alright so although Leigh-on-Sea doesn’t have its own special cuisine, all of the seafood you can find in the seaside town has been sourced locally. Down near the waterfront, there’s plenty of fish stalls you can purchase fresh fish from. Not only that, but the array of diverse international restaurants can be found throughout Leigh. From Italian to Indian, Leigh’s impressive variety of restaurants should appeal to any foody. There’s so many great places to try and eat out at, it’s one of the biggest and most diverse collections of cuisine types in a small town that we’ve ever seen.

  1. The Homes

All of the houses in Leigh-on-Sea are both beautiful and luxurious too. Many of these houses are sort after by commuters because of the value for money buyers have as soon as they step out of London. This property is priced at around £900,000, and whilst this may seem like a lot, it is in a prime location situated close to the station and beach. It’s close to the Broadway, the local shopping high street with loads of boutiques and local businesses, as well as along one of the most sort after roads in the area – Marine Parade. This 5-bedroom property has sea views and is in the catchment area for a great local primary school (Westleigh Schools).

As well as luxury houses, Leigh is also home to luxury flats and apartments too. This beautiful 1 bed flat is part of a renovation project. The build took the iconic post sorting office and created a new community of new and luxury flats. It’s in a prime location, next to the local town and convenient shops too. These luxury flats are ideal for first time buyers and couples who want a smaller place to get themselves started.

Although these properties are fairly pricey, it’s because Leigh-on-Sea is primarily a commuter town. It attracts those that want to maximise their house budget by moving out of the city. If the area or houses have captured your attention, maybe Leigh-on-Sea is the right area for you. You can see why it was voted happiest place to live in the UK!