You can’t hand over your house or property to someone to whom you don’t know in details. It is your legal right to know about the firm, you are willing to rent your house and that firm is bound to clarify you prior to making any contract in this regard.

By keeping an eye on the common questions that can be asked by the homeowners in these circumstances, here in this article, we are providing you the core information about in question and answer mode. Hope it will give you a lot of clarity and help you a lot to make a decision.

Important FAQs About from Home Owner Point of View

 Q: What will Rafleys charge for its services?

A: Rafleys enables you to get the benefit of your choice from a vast range of plans and choices that best suite you. In case of online property management charges only 5% of your booking price without any cutting of 25% commission. Give us a chance and you will definitely continue with Rafleys. However, if you don’t think so, you are free to terminate your agreement with at any point of time.

Q: How to get started with

A: Getting started with Rafleys is as easy as walking on the cake and risk free as well. If everything is ready to go, they can activate your property in the matter of weeks. Their contract is no minimum terms, commitment fees or start up fees. Normal process includes taking new photographs and videos of property along with detailed listings, price setting and advertisement through internet.

In addition you have the luxury to terminate the contract at any point of time without paying any penalty.

Q: What kind of contract will be offered to sign?

A: The contract by the is an open book contract without any burdensome clause. However a 30 days out clause for any reason is included that will come into play if you don’t agree with the services. The copy of a general contract can be furnished upon request by in this regard.

Q: How will a guest pay you?

A: We use credit card processing through our software package. Travelers overwhelmingly prefer to pay with credit cards for transactions rather than send cash – it is safer, easier, and more secure. Credit card companies do charge for their service, we deduct a typical fee of 2.5% for Visa/Master card from the gross rent to cover their fees.

Q: How does interact with guests?

A: Rafleys has several ways to interact with the guests from all around the world. Mostly it is through their website and email. Apart from that they have call centre in place from where there team contact with the clients and answer their questions.

Q: What about the cleaning fees?

A: There are different types of criteria on offer by the For example, if you are a Rate 4 homeowner, Rafleys will pay the cleaners. In case of rates 2 and 3 customer, you have to pay on your own.