Investment in real estate is a decision that requires proper research and consultation. A common man might be unaware of the property rates and such related aspects. The Delhi Government realizes the unmet need of luxury yet affordable homes for the middle class. A huge number of city residents are in constant search for a perfect home for their family. The Delhi government has taken up the responsibility to develop 3 areas as the smart zone and make residential complexes in each. All the areas will have affordable flat rates for people to buy without any worry.

Smart lives for the residents at Dwarka L Zone

 The Delhi government has made some near future plans to make smart homes in order to give smart lives to the residents. The L Zone Dwarka is one of the most potential places that have construction in full swing. The first and foremost requisite for a smart zone is the modern and up to date infrastructure. Another important aspect for a smart zone is the ease in travel and connectivity. Dwarka will truly become a smart zone when it is connected with the other parts smoothly. Metro and other public transport connectivity is being planned in the sector.

Smart city to also have greenery to support ecological balance

The Delhi smart city plan will not only focus on building the residential projects but also keep a balance with greenery. Each residential complex will have greenery around it. The ecological balance can only be maintained if the plants and bushes are grown alongside. The pollution level and weather conditions also stay in control with greenery around. The Delhi smart city plan is extensive and the government plans to achieve the desired projects in a few years time.

Delhi smart city plan, 2021 

Delhi government has aimed for achieving the dda smart city plan by 2021. According to the research and surveys, the government has decided to develop 3 areas around the city to make it suitable for luxury living. The L Zone Dwarka is one such area that has great potential to turn to a luxury living sector in the sub areas of the city. Along with luxury living facilities, these areas will also have high quality healthcare, leisure and educational institutions. An area truly becomes smart when it has great connectivity. The plan also aims at making strong connectivity via public transport.

Revanta group to make residential and commercial properties on L Zone

 The Revanta Heights is a project under the Revanta group banner. The project is aiming at high quality and luxury yet affordable residential properties. The project is supposed to have all basic and luxury amenities to promote comfortable living. The smart residency project is sure to make living so much at the L zone, Dwarka. With such projects, the zone will soon turn to a smart one and also attract huge number of people towards buying homes and other commercial properties in the zone.