The path that leads towards becoming a successful real estate appraiser is somehow similar to becoming a real estate agent. Real estate appraising is a process of determining the valuation of any property. As per NoVaStar Appraisals that the role of a real estate appraiser is to determine the worth of a particular piece of property. Having a real estate appraising company is quite a lucrative venture; one can get to deal with a large number of clients, both clients in the public sector and clients in the private sector.

 For becoming a Real Estate Appraiser it is necessary to find out who are your target clients?

Before setting up or starting a real estate appraising service or business, it is necessary to find out the best interest in order to have an idea of the target market or clients. Well so with whom to deal with? Who are the target clients?


Each and every time the government condemns a property or every time it reassesses taxes, they will require the valuation of the property.


For the matter of fact, attorneys are probably going to be on the top of the list. The main reason behind it is they handle cases like distribution of an estate as well as they represent clients in a business partnership break-up or marriages, where it is often seen that couples or partners must split real estate.

Home buyers and sellers

Before making a list or purchasing a home, every individual would need to ascertain the actual valuation of the particular property.

Insurance carriers

NoVaStar Appraisals states that In the entire process of pursuing property damage settlements, the insurance carriers and the companies need to ascertain the current market value of the property which they are insuring.


Banks will never and ever give out loans without finding out the present valuation of the property. Property valuation is also required before a particular home is foreclosed.

 Starting up a Real Estate Business or Being a Self Employed Appraiser

Almost each and every successful appraisal firms fall into two broad categories

  • The Solo appraisers
  • A Large firm consisting of 15 to 30 employees.

What Are The Ways To Start Small as a Real Estate Appraiser and Grow?

If a person wants to start as a solo operator, then they can very smoothly operate from a spare room in their home. This means the overhead expenses become minimal. All person requires a kickstart, a telephone, tape measure, and camera. One can easily use their personal  car for visiting the different  properties. They will also need a computer and the vital point is one must be ready to advertise their services, preferably the advertisement will be in professional banking or law journals or in the Yellow Pages.

Then the next question is  How to Grow your Company?

An individual can grow or expand their business by bringing in a partner or maybe by renting an office space and employing a full-time secretary. It should be kept in mind that getting an office space and employing a full-time staff will add to your overhead.

Marketing the business or service is really important. The next is networking and Forming a strategic alliance.