Having a uniquely beautiful garden reflecting your style and taste is one of the most satisfying things when it comes to gardening. There are tons of garden landscaping ideas and methods you can choose, from simple layouts to elegant designs. There are millions of different plants and flowers from all over the world to pick. But if you live in an area with varying extreme weathers such as here in Houston, you need to be extra tedious in choosing which ones to grow.

One of the most exciting types of landscaping is the Wabi-sabi garden. It is a Japanese style garden based on the Buddhist philosophy. Wabi-sabi means beauty in imperfection. It allows the owner to explore how nature can run its course to change both human-made and natural objects and create them into a thing of beauty. Some of the most common elements used in this type of gardening are flowers, plants, stones and clay pots. These are in fact the most popular things needed in landscaping, and through Wabi-sabi, you can make them unique and one-of-a-kind.

Wabi Sabi Gardening Ideas

The safest and best way to go in Wabi-sabi gardening is by seeking assistance from a Houston landscaping company. The good thing about most landscaping companies is that they are very flexible. Through them, you can have your ideas be put into reality as they can give you advice on the best materials to use as well as the soil type and whether the plants you chose can adapt in your environment.

Choosing Plants and Flowers

When it comes to selecting plants and flowers, you can go for local or international and exotic ones. There are many unique plants and flowers which can live and transform in every season, thus giving your garden a different look every time of the year. You can choose perennials or self-seeding plants so they could naturally spread themselves in your garden over the course of time. It will give off a natural look in your garden while making them a thing of perfect beauty. This way, the flowers can display their enchanting petals during summer or spring and their growing pods during fall or winter.

Choosing Trees

If your garden area is spacious, planting trees is also beneficial health-wise and aesthetically speaking. For a Wabi-sabi garden, it is best to select trees whose bark can peel with the change of season. It will make your garden even more natural-looking. Textured trees are also good.

Choosing Objects

When it comes to Wabi-sabi gardening, used objects are recommended rather than new ones. Unused cooking pots at home is an example of an object which you can add to your garden. You can leave it on the ground and give nature a few months to transform it so it would look like a natural part of the garden. You can also move stones or rocks and let moss cover them.

The primary purpose of a Wabi-sabi garden is to have a uniquely natural garden which is in fact landscaped by human hands. It’s like letting nature run its course to beautify it while at the same time putting your efforts in arranging and preparing your garden.