When faced with laborious and time-consuming tasks, it’s likely that you will not have adequate time to plan for your move. Usually, for most moves, you will have a month or so to plan for the moving day. But, how do you move quickly and efficiently when you don’t have the luxury of time? What do you need to do even before contacting cheap movers?

Here are tips to ensure a stress-free quick move

  1. Where are you moving into

Even before you pack it is important to decide on which property you want to move into. There are several things you have to consider before buying your new home. This includes your budget, how much are you willing to spend on buying your new property? The prices of property can vary depending on property size and even location. For instance say, you want to buy a 3 bedroom house in Leicester, the price of this property will differ if you were to buy the same property in London. You must also consider the proximity of the property to important places like your place of work, school and hospital. Not unless you are willing to drive your kids to school for an hour or being late to work always.

Sourcing for letting Leicester property can be hectic given all the extensive research that needs to be done before buying. It is recommended you contact letting Leicester agents to help you source property for you to view. All you have to do is give them the detail of the type of property you want, your budget and leave the rest to them.

  1. Sort your stuff

Packing is one of the stressful things when it comes to moving. It can only get worse when you don’t have adequate time to do all the necessary packing. When in such a situation, most people tend to pack everything they own and sort it out later. They end up packing more stuff which translates to a high cost of moving besides wasting more time when packing.

When packing your belongings pile them into three piles; ‘take’, ‘give away’, ‘throw away’. You can give away those broken pieces of furniture and household goods you no longer need. This will ensure that you move with less stuff that is essential, making your move affordable while still saving time.

  1. Call for help

Moving labor is inevitable especially if it’s a long distance residential or office moving. Whether you choose the do-it-yourself-move, renting a moving truck or cheap moving services; you will eventually have to deal with heavy lifting. To save yourself from all these hassles, you can get tools for lifting heavy items such as levers or use some help from your family and friends.

Alternatively, to save time, you may consider hiring professional packers for all your packing, unpacking loading, and unloading woes. However, before you hire any trained packers, it is important to note this is an expensive undertaking.

Full service moving companies can also offer great help when planning a quick move. You don’t have to raise a finger. This simply means that they will take care of your whole relocation process right from packing to unloading your items in the destination you are moving to. This is the best option if you are planning on an interstate move.

  1. Commercial moving companies

The easiest and probably the fastest way to move is by hiring cheap moving companies. These companies offer both local and cross country move at different prices. Therefore before hiring one, get a free quote to help you estimate the moving price. No matter how quick you want to relocate, you don’t want to end up breaking a bank for it. The good news is that you can get quotes from various companies online thus saving your already limited time.