Roma is the most beautiful city in the world. It’s clear, everybody can like another city according to personal preferences but who travels all over the world, knows Rome is a charming, romantic and amazing city can’t be compared to another place. Infact no city has important monuments, churches, ruins of the Roman Empire. And then no city is the center of Christianity. At Rome there is Vatican city is a state of Christian religion where the pope lives. Rome is also the center of italian parliament, Chamber of Deputies and Senate. They are in two wonderful ancient buildings built by great architects where you can admire high quality paintings and sculptures. wherever you go it’s easy to see and find something from Ancient Rome and artistic expressions of the Renaissance, Baroque and all styles belong to the art history. If the people like go back in cultural time, must come to Rome because everybody can find stunning works of art in its museums and squares. So it’s always a spiritual experience to visit this magical city and nobody can give up to taste an excellent food in the restaurants are in front of this great beauty. All this explains many people like buying luxury apartments in Rome, as luxurytophomes says, a luxury real estate agency sold many apartments here. Precisely, this people want to live in historical roman center is an open-air museum. There you can see Fori Imperiali street and admire Roman Forum ruins where an ancient roman lifestyle was in action. The Coliseum whose real name was Anfiteatro Flavio is there and visited by millions of people every years. So to buy a penthouse in Rome downtown allows you to look at a great view. Ancient buildings and monuments are really fascinated and exciting. Many people look for apartments for sale in Rome and especially foreign people like to live here during part of year or forever. For example many foreign artists live for many years in Trastevere is an amazing roman district sounds like a town in a big city. Its narrow and beautiful streets, the elegant and glamour shops seem a theatrical scenery. However it’s not possible to describe everything because Rome is a big city full of beautiful things and its historical center is bigger than all Paris. So we can understand everyone would buy an apartment in Rome because it gives you strong emotions no other city can give.