Having a pet around the house can be a wonderful thing. It can also, however, come with a few unpleasant realities. One of those realities is the problem of frequent and recurring odors and stains on floors, tiling   , and rugs around the home. Pets use smell to determine a lot of basic things, including where they eat and where they use the bathroom. When a dog or cat gets too comfortable with one specific spot, it will start to develop an odor that will become increasingly difficult to remove. As a pet owner, you don’t want to have to deal with unpleasant smells all over your furniture and carpeting. If your dog or cat is getting a little too comfortable on their favorite patch of carpet, here are a few tips for Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning that will make removing pet urine from carpet simple.

Use Household Products

Sometimes when it comes to odors and stains, the best cleaning methods involve using products you already have laying around the house. That means baking soda, cornstarch, vinegar, and even lemon peel to dispel the odor of pet urine. If your rug is sensitive, using an arsenal of non-abrasive home products will be a huge help. Baking soda is a great way to neutralize the scent of a stain, while vinegar gets rid of bacteria and breaks down the odor efficiently to discourage repeat accidents. If you don’t already keep a few of these basic products around the house, you should stock up quickly. This is even more important for pet owners who are puppy training or dealing with older animals who have grown incontinent. While pee pads can be great at absorbing most of the liquid left over from an accident, they unfortunately won’t help with getting rid of the smell.

Use a Green Cleaner

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a pet owner is to try to blot out the scent of a pet stain with a heavy chemical like bleach or ammonia. While these cleaners are heavy duty and will certainly be able to mask the stain, they’ll only replace it with their own overpowering scent. These cleaners are effective for intense spills and stains, but when it comes to pet urine, there are much better alternatives that are gentler on your carpet and much less hazardous for your pet to come into contact with. Many green cleaners are even more effective than the heavier chemical cleaners since they use natural enzymes to break up odor and discourage your pet from returning to the same spot over and over again. Using a pet stain remover or basic all-purpose green cleaner, spray the affected area and leave it to soak overnight. Try not to overspray in order to avoid any sticky residue or spots in the morning.

Let It Soak

As with any lingering stain, leaving your cleaner to soak overnight is a huge help for breaking up odor-causing bacteria and sinking deep into your rug’s fibers. When your pet pees on the rug, the damage goes deep. Once you’ve blotted the stain as much as you can, double up on green cleaner and baking soda to create the perfect odor-free cocktail for ridding your rug of odor. After you wake up, check on the stain’s progress. If you’re still dealing with a bit of odor, repeat the process and let it soak once more. If you’ve done this a few times and still aren’t seeing results, it’s time to go in for a professional carpet cleaning.

Get Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

No matter how attentive you are to pet stains and how quickly you clean them up, they’re still bound to leave their mark on even the sturdiest home carpet. That’s why it’s important to set aside some time for a professional rug cleaning every so often to make sure pre-existing stains don’t have a chance to do any more damage. Ideally, you’d be getting your carpet professionally cleaned at least every six months or so. If you’re dealing with a more urgent matter, like a stain or odor that simply won’t go away no matter what you do, make an earlier appointment to avoid setting the stain permanently. If you’re a new pet owner, you might want to increase your yearly carpet cleaning budget just to get through the first stage of potty training. After your pet has become housebroken, cleaning pet stains from your furniture and carpet will become less and less of an issue.