So, you have decided to remodel your kitchen. Hiring the right kitchen revamp company is the most important decision because it can affect how your kitchen will turn out. Therefore, you should be familiar with the dos and don’ts to follow during this process, which are outlined here:

Don’t just rely on user reviews. While this might seem like the right thing to do, online ratings cannot always be trusted as companies can restrict negative reviews and only promote positive ones. Thus, they can be misleading.

Do use word of mouth. This is perhaps the best way to find a reputable company. Word of mouth usually comes from satisfied customers and you can get a firsthand look at the contractor’s projects to assess the work they do.

Don’t fall for lowballing. If the kitchen contractor is offering you a lower cost as opposed to others, chances are they are making a sacrifice somewhere to make up for the difference. Do you really want to take that risk?

Do some shopping around. You should get in touch with several contractors to get an idea of the cost of your project. This can also aid you in finding someone with whom you can communicate easily and build a good rapport.

Don’t leave room for ‘allowances’. These are basically open-ended amounts that will just blow up your budget and you don’t want to end up with a huge bill later on.

Do get everything in writing. Your contract should mention everything ranging from the price, timetable and expectations to protect both parties.