Until recently, French doors, also widely known as French windows, were something you’d only think of having in the living room. But people are now realising how much they can add to other rooms. So kitchens, ground floor bedrooms, dining rooms and studies are all now getting the French window treatment.

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Get design inspiration

If you’re looking for inspiration, look no further than the lovely windows in Elle Décor’s portfolio of French windows. Even hallways can be made to look lighter and more elegant.

Several of the treatments in Elle Décor are for period houses and room schemes, and of course, French windows have a long history as features in rooms. Originally, they were more like ordinary windows with multiple small panes of glass in double doors.

Today’s window treatments are able to use larger glass panels because, today, these windows are of course, double glazed. The great advantage of this is that you get more light into a room, get a view you didn’t previously have, but in winter don’t suffer any loss of heat. In Dublin windows and doors www.keanewindows.ie/ throughout the city are getting the French doors treatment, as property owners seek to add value to their houses without expensive extensions. If you knock through a wall, or extend a window to create French windows, it can allow you to reap far more benefit from your garden. After all, if you’ve put a lot of work into a garden, you want to see it from as many rooms as possible.

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Modern French doors – secure and warp-proof

The French, with a typical mix of elegance and practicality, originally developed these windows to combine the functions of a window and a door. However, in the past, while they worked well as extended windows, they didn’t work so well as doors because they weren’t as secure. The other drawback to them was that with a double wooden frame, if one of the sides warped, the doors would become difficult or impossible to close. Modern double-glazed French windows and doors have made these problems a thing of the past. They can be as secure as front doors, and don’t warp. What’s more, the styles and colours now available are a revelation – so take a look.