Having a welcoming, comfortable home makes it a memorable place for guests, but also a relaxing space for you, too. Take a few moments to get inspired with ways to make your home more inviting so that guests not only want to come, but that they want to stay as well.

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1. Go with the Flow

Make furniture easily accessible. Guests will feel more comfortable if they can come in easily and sit down without having to negotiate an obstacle course of furniture. Toys are another key culprit for making things difficult for people to move around and can pose a real trip hazard – consider somewhere to scoop them up to clear the space quickly.
2. Break Up Straight Lines

Stripes are great, but too many straight lines can start to look stark and harsh. Soften the look by adding in curved lines to complement, for example with round cushions and rugs.
3. Tactile Textiles

Adding lots of soft textures sounds obvious, but it is often overlooked. The key to making it work is to incorporate lots of different textures, and layer them. Start with a gorgeous deep pile rug, and then add throws, cushions and other items that encourage people to touch them and make themselves comfortable.
Joanna Pop has some more suggestions for making your home cosy, personal, and inviting.

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4. It’s Your Home – Make Sure It’s ‘You’

A true home reflects the owner and their personality so make sure your home says something about you. Showhomes and catalogues look beautiful – they’re designed to sell to you – but there is no soul to them.
Personalise your space by adding unique pieces you found on your travels or by upcycling something.
5. Be Prepared

Keep up with maintenance in your home to prevent damage, although be aware that accidents do happen. Minimise the risk by having details of reputable trades people available, for example an emergency plumber Gloucester based such as H P R Services http://www.hprservicesltd.com/emergency-plumber-gloucester/ as well as an electrician, locksmith and so on. Creating a “Home Emergency File” keeps everything in one place, along with details of your policies, contact details and so on.
The best way to keep your home inviting is to take your time, and be prepared for all eventualities.