Steel detailing is more important than it might seem to be, it is critical and necessary for any construction process which uses steel whether it may be buildings, industrial plants, bridges, elevators, air handling units and other stuff, basically, anything which requires steel in its construction requires steel detailing too. So you might be wondering what the inside steps are which go into making this happen, well here is a guide to steel detailing giving you knowledge about the things you probably didn’t know before.

A structural engineer or architect first comes up with a rough idea about the project and then puts it down on a paper in a rough general manner. These drawing many times also contain things which are linked to mechanical systems but are related to the structures of steel detailing.

Next up in the steel detailing process the steel detailer with the help of these rough diagrams transforms the idea into diagrams with great attention to detail for every piece that goes into the steel structure. The main job of a steel detailer is to produce drawings and plans for making and the erection of Steel members which go into categories such as beams, trusses, columns, braces and etc.

Shop drawings

Despite being an odd name for something such as steel structure but actually, shop drawings is also a name for the drawings made for steel pieces which identify the steel structures which have to be made with attention to detail.

After this these drawings, I handed over to a steel fabricator who uses them to make these steel structures. In steel detailing many factors go into consideration to make the steel structures precise, for each piece the Steel fabricator might go into details such as:

  • Size
  • Specification of material
  • Dimensions
  • Preparation of surface
  • Bolting
  • Welding
  • Painting requirements
  • The steps of manufacturing
  • Any specific fabricating

When the Steel fabricator is done producing the Steel pieces, the detailer comes in to use again when drawings for the erection of Steel pieces needed to be produced.

The industrial detail in process Steel erector refers to the drawings on the construction site, in order to understand where and how the steel pieces are needed to be set up to build the structure. Other than the erection drawings there are dimensional plans to properly identify the steel pieces (like blueprints), including other work required at the construction site like welding, bolting and installing anchors.

The other duties and responsibilities

  • Retailer has to observe and make sure that the drawing parameters are up to those with industry standards
  • The detailer has to present his drawings to the engineer appointed for structural management before it can be handed over to the fabricator.
  • In some cases where the structural drawings do not have enough information they either go back to the drawing board or links to the structural engineer can be given.
  • The detailer also sends his drawings to another detailer just to make sure that everything has been done right.

There is a lot more which goes into making everything right, however, this is blog has detailed information to explain a normal person the steps of steel detailing.

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