Ahmedabad property price trend has gone through multiple changes in the previous financial year as well as this financial year. This main city of the Guajrat state is witnessing the development not only industry or segment wise but also in area. It is spreading in almost all the directions from Hansol, Hathijan to Shantipura and shela as well as Makarba and Hebatpur.

The minimum value of property currently is 80000, and the maximum value is 27 crores. Around 38 localities have shown a drop in their price trend while 88 localities had a rise in their price trend. There are a total of 23461 properties listed in Ahmadabad. The current average price of properties in Ahmedabad is 96.88 lacs only. A list of Ahmedabad property rates area wise are listed below:

  • Near Nirma University on SG Highway – The area near SG Highway has a price range of 2432 to 5674 per sqft for a piece of property. This area has witnessed a drop in its prices in the last quarter of this financial year by 46.45. Currently, the average price of a property is 4545 per sqft.
  • Shela – Property price range in this locality is 1950 to 5850 per sqft with the average price being 5254 per sqft only. Prices dropped by 6.9% within the last six
  • Jodhpur Village – Price range at Jodhpur village is 1926 to 8630 per sqft. The average price over here is 7285, and it has risen by 3.8% recently.
  • Makarba – The Makarba area of Ahmedabad has a price range of 2252 to 6545 per sqft for a property. The average price of the property is 5603 per sqft in this area. In the last six months, it has risen by 3.9%.
  • Prahlad Nagar – Property price ranges from 2258 to 64767 per sqft of land. Here the average price of one sq. Ft of land is 50689, and it has risen by 17.6% in the last quarter of this financial year.
  • Satellite – The Satellite area of Ahmadabad has a price range of 2540 to 65217 per sqft with an average price of 45240 per sqft. The prices have risen by 43.1% recently.

The information mentioned above is based on the data recorded within the last six months of this financial year 2017-2018. Prices can change depending on the current real estate market status at Ahmadabad so visit Addressofchoice.com.