Steam cleaning carpets is a good practice to remove dirt, dust and debris stuck deep in the carpet fibers. It is especially important if your household has pets or allergy sufferers. Luckily enough steam cleaners are easy to get your hands on, you can hire them hourly from many stores or buy domestic models for a reasonable price. It is important to clean your carpets annually to keep them looking at their best and healthy for your family. The alternative is calling in a professional carpet cleaner such as Endeavour Property Services who offer carpet cleaning in Auckland. Although for those who would prefer to do it themselves we will cover the best way to steam clean your homes carpets.

Pick the Right Time

It is important to plan when you will steam clean your carpet. The best time weather to steam clean carpet in is a warm and sunny day that is not too humid. As if it is a very humid day the carpet will take too long to dry. It is also important to pick a time that suits your family. As you should not walk on the carpet until it has fully dried, as if you walk on it while still wet you do it could leave dirty marks.


In order to get the room thoroughly cleaned it is best to remove all furniture from the room in order to clear the ground. As it is best to steam clean the entire carpet in a room at once as to avoid different coloured patched under furniture that have not been cleaned. Then before starting the steam cleaning it is important to vacuum the whole carpet carefully. This is because steam cleaners are designed to pull up small particles of dirt stuck in the carpet. They are not designed to remove pet hair and large amount of dirt. So, it is best to thoroughly vacuum before you start, as it also helps to fluff up the carpet making it easier for the steamer to clean deep into the carpet.

Spot Treat Stains

When steam cleaning carpet it is always a good idea to spot treat any highly stained areas before beginning the steam cleaning. This is because stains all have different methods of removal, so it is a better idea to first deal with the stained areas. Then go over the whole room with the steam cleaner.

 Spot Test Cleaners

It is important to always spot test the cleaning solution in a small inconspicuous area before beginning the cleaning process. As some cleaning products will discolor your carpet. Although some stream cleaners do not use any cleaning solutions and just use pure water. If your carpet is heavily soiled or needs refreshing, you may like to add a cleaning product. But it is important when picking a cleaning product to select one with a PH of 10 or less. As cleaning products with a pH of over 10 are more likely to stain and discolor your carpets. A good natural and safe cleaning product to add to a steam cleaner is vinegar, as this has a pH of around 3, so if safe to use in most machines. It also works great at deodorizing carpets and rugs

Run A Rinse Cycle

The solutions used in steam machines are meant to attract dirt to them, and to that end they work great. This is why it is so important to thoroughly rinse the carpets to ensure all the solution has come out. This is easy to do and can be done through going back over the carpets with the steam cleaner filled with only water. This helps to ensure there is no cleaning products left in your carpets.

Allow to Dry

Once you have thoroughly cleaned the whole room then it is equally important to let it air out and dry before you replace the furniture or walk on the carpet. If you had to use a lot of shampoo with your floor steam cleaner, you’ll want to be sure that the floor was rinsed properly and has plenty of time to dry. Wear socks or cover your feet with plastic bags to prevent your shoes from soiling the carpet again or getting wet while the floor dries. This process can take up to 24 hours, but can be sped up through turning on pans air conditioners and dehumidifiers. Although it is important to let the carpets dry completely to ensure that no mould or mildew forms.

How Often

How often you should clean your homes carpets greatly depends on how soiled your carpets are. This can be dependent on how much foot traffic your carpet is subjected to, whether you have pets or children. Although as a general rule for a family of four we recommend cleaning carpets every 6 months. As although you may vacuum your carpets regularly, this only removes a fraction of the build up dirt and grime in your carpets. If you want to protect the appearance of your carpets it is always good to keep them fresh through regular deep cleaning and shampooing.